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A guy/girl who has such a shitty attitude it's almost like they're committing involuntary suicide. It's as if they're begging or licking a/the trigger to get shot or robbed.

Can also be used:
"licking the trigger"
"triggabite" i.e. is a disease
Peacely McFleekston: Hey man. Chill out. You don't have to be so disrespectful.

Willy G: Fuck you, you clitch having ass marfakka. I dare YOU to try something on ME. That's right cause you's a punk and a pussy.

*Willy G charges after Peacely*

*Willy G gets shot*

Peacely: Trigger-licker picked the wrong peacemaker to mess with!
by Tweaks the Boy March 13, 2017
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