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A handy phrase, commonly used to counter his extensive sentences, which causes Trigger to glare at the offending student in consternation.
"Hillary Clinton will - write this down - will win the general election!"
"Trigga please! Last time you said Giuliani."
by Senioritis February 14, 2008
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An incredulous comment made by students when the Trigger whips out a brand new slideshow towards what you thought was the end of the lecture. Its usage has also been recorded when the Trigger attempts to demolish anyone with an opinion differing from his, under the veil of education.
-"I am the greatest political genius to grace this earth since Thomas Nast, fear my belly and my ego as they wobble about, knocking inferior opinions and teenagers' self esteem aside"
-"Then why do you teach public high school and community college? Trigga Please!"
by Anonymous Cynic February 10, 2008
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