Term computer science nerds use to describe how spellcheck dictionaries work. Pronounced "tree" even though there's a whole bunch of other things in computer science that are actually known as "trees".
CS types aren't very creative, as it turns out.
With a trie, you can store almost every single word in the English language with only a few layers of nodes. Just make sure people don't think you're saying "tree" or they'll get autistic.
by Killer T Cells October 27, 2017
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A Russian sex position that includes a stool and a broom.

Up to three people can be included.
Oh my gosh, I did trie at the party last night, so fucking hot.
by eightshots July 2, 2010
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otherwise spelt as "try" though not often used too much as people frown upon its usage.
"why did you trie to do that?"
by Bob Mcline February 20, 2008
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The combination of truth and lie, a half truth.
When he said he was only doing it for sex, that was a true, he also wanted a blow job.

Him: “I wasn’t staring at your ass, but I did glance.”
Her: “that’s a good trie
by Jusbl4ze77 November 19, 2021
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