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A fraternity with strong core values that brings about a brotherhood. They are know for their diversity in various fields.
Its a fraternity for engineers, architects and scientists. Men with brains who know how party and maintain a equal balance
Kasie: Dude he's a traingle.
Jake: I know, I rushed Triangle fraternity they are very selective in their interview review process.
Kasie: I loved their tribal party
Jake: I couldn't get past the line
by Alpha phi sister October 24, 2009
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The biggest non-frat on campus at Purdue University. A collection of total douches that sit around and do math problems from sun up to sun down. They throw some of the biggest sausage fest parties around and don't even let girls into most of their parties. They try to be exclusive an not let people in unless they are on their "list" but really, they are just acting like big dogs an nobody wants to go to their gay shit-box parties anyway.
"Hey, want to go to a party at Triangle Fraternity?"
"Ummm we might as well just get butt-raped by a bunch of homosexual nerds..."
"Shit, I forgot, Triangle is reserved for the douche fucks who think they are part of a frat."
"Damn straight, lets go have sex with girls instead."
by Honesty is my policy November 04, 2011
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The best all male exclusive sorority on the UNC Charlotte campus. Founded by the largest group of Homosexual Engineers ever amassed in North Carolina in 2008, it is a Fabulous shining beacon of Homosexuality to an otherwise strait and much more socially aware world.
Dude: Triangle Fraternity is having a mixer tonight, wanna go?
Dude 2: No I would rather kill myself
Dude: Sweet a suicide pact this will be fun

*Triangle- the leading cause of suicide on campus
by captain montgomery April 12, 2010
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