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A "University" in the city of Charlotte that is unbelievably boring unless you're in a frat and want to deal with douchebags 24/7. Definitely a suitcase campus. Perhaps composed of the only college students in the fucking world who actually want to go back to their parents' house every weekend. The people are typically cliquish, but I don't want to generalize. It's like high school all over again.

You will also most likely not graduate in 4 years as UNCC loves to sabotage it' student by giving required courses a 10 student capacity with ONE section offered every OTHER semester. This is done to keep you paying their obscenely high tuition. This tuition is allocated towards building pointless, non-functional, marble statues in various locations on campus rather than making actual improvements.
person 1: Hey it's your 4th year of college!! Ready to graduate?!?!?

UNC Charlotte Student: Maybe next year...or the year after...or the year after next...I'm still waiting to get into this one class that fills up 20 seconds after registration opens.
by burrrrgood Marshal March 25, 2013
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