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Trevonne: basically a name for a nigga with a big dick he pulls all the hoes and he be fuckin his friends sisters on the low so if you or any of your friends know a trevonne and you have a sister within the reasonable age range he is fersholy fuckin
Thats that Trevonne ass nigga that fucked my bitch ,and my sister
by Vlonethugfreex February 20, 2017
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He's a smart yet shy person he pretend to act like someone he's not,putting on a fake smile just to make people Laught he doesn't really like people and try to hide himself from the fact if you're kind he will be as well, he has own way of looking at people, he doesn't like taking to girls mostly because he's been living with a lot, if you ever get close to a person like him you're the most luckest person on the planet
Girl 1:Trevonne is so funny right

Girl 2: yeah I know
by Theressa June 12, 2019
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