Short for Jess and Trunks, a couple with nothing better to than have underage sex
Tress? More like get dressed! They're always naked!
by DestinyisReal September 24, 2017
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The running of long hair against skin.

A kiss formed by a tress or tresses of hair caressing skin.
When she awoke she leaned over him in reach of the alarm clock, leaving a trail of tress kisses across his chest.
by Putaradivi April 14, 2009
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- French words defining a very young girl (10 to 12 years) doing a blowjob to an older guy in a public place. The first word means lips and the last word means braids.

- As for Lips with braids.
Cette Babine à tresses était entre ses jambes.
by Guillaume April 26, 2005
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