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1. The Tenderloin district in San Francisco circa 2010-2011, and beyond.
2. The Tenderloin district in San Francisco that has been gentrified by hipsters and trust fund babies.
3. The Tenderloin area in San Francisco when gentrification has brought Mercedes and BMWs and hipsters instead of people walking, riding bikes and crackheads.
4. The area in San Francisco where police harass homeless people, poor people, people of color and transwomen.
5. the area of San Francisco where cops harass people for sitting on the sidewalk, instead of helping people who are really in trouble.
The obnoxiously loud drunk hipsters poured out of the Edinburgh castle pub at 2am on Geary Street in the Trendyloin, just as the bar was closing.
by JoieRey April 24, 2011
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