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Similar to the terms trendanista and fashionista, trendalites are people that actually take fashion seriously, and often form superficial friendships with others that dress the same (and supposedly listen to the same music). They're taking over London, and now even boys are spending as much time on their hair as girls. They're really not very original beings. Oh, and they put pictures of Kate Moss in their heroes section on MySpace.
An examplative conversation between two trendalites:

Generic girl #1: "Omg, Abi, I want your gold pumps. They go with you're drainpipe jeans SO well. Where did you get them from?"
Generic girl #2: "Awww, thanks hunnn! I got them in Primark for £6! What a bargain!"
Generic girl #1: "Oh. Well, why didn't you get the ones from Shelleys for £25? They're exactly the same."
Generic girl #2: "Uhh, because they cost £20 more... "
Generic girl #1: "Exactly. You don't want to look poor do you?"
by ohmygoshhh May 12, 2006
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