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Pronounced Treesa. Witty, clever with dark smoldering eyes and a personality to match. She is perfume, powder and all things shiny. Earthy. Loves the smell of a man; leather, whiskey, pipe tobacco and cologne are her favorite scents. From silk gowns to flannel shirts she is a perfect combination of city girl and country girl. Loyal to the death and loves her family. Usually with dark skin and dark hair. A temper that is controlled but hard to match when trust or loyalty is broken. Classy but is a guys girl. Preferring the company of men to women she has few female friends. They aren't to be trusted and are usually quite jealous. Great sense of humor (loves a good dirty joke with the guys) and loves the finer things in life but can enjoy the simplest with gusto and enthusiasm. Collector of beautiful things. Loves children and animals. Sensuous and engaging personality with the ability to speak with anyone about almost anything at almost anytime. Be her loyal friend and you have found a diamond. Love her intensely and you will have a lover and friend for life.
by Soulfulbutmisunderstood November 05, 2011
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