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Trashmouth, also known as Richie Tozier, is a boy from the book IT, and the movie IT (1990 & 2017)
Richie: I get it. Trash the Trashmouth.
by IT&STFAN May 26, 2018
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Someone who just can’t keep their mouth shut. Usually a big fan of profanity and non-pc language.
Dude: “Man he just can’t keep his mouth shut.”
Other Dude: “Oh I know, he’s such a Trashmouth.”
by Trashmouth August 20, 2018
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Snaggletoothed, whorish looking smile. Typically a trashmouth girl will purse her lips in a tight, strange manner to hide her fucked up teeth. See country singer Jewel. Note that not every trashmouth girl is a cock gobbler - but most of them are.
Bob: Look at that fucked up grill. What a trashmouth!

Shawn: She's had more dicks in her mouth than dental visits, that's for sure.
by Ruin Christmas August 11, 2010
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