Some one who is tacky, disgusting, and tasteless.
Sarah is a trashbox.


I will let you finish your interview with this trashbox.
by GingerFaceless December 09, 2008
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A term for the administering semen (trash) into a pussy (box)

The term originated sometime in 2012 in an IRC chatroom for a famous underground website that has since been seized.

TrashBox is also a term used to call self-proclaimed men who are suspected of trolling as a female. According to some the real TrashBox is the only real female on the dark web, well-known for her ability to turn any conversation over to sex.

And although the term's use was orignally restricted to a small group of about 200 people who frequented the chatroom; now this phrase is even starting to show up in ameatuer porn.
I filled her trashbox with my precious load.
by Jesus Christopherson September 29, 2014
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A dirty or smelly vagina. This can also be a combination of the two. A vagina that has had penetration by multiple penises yet all men find something wrong or disgusting about it. These women are typically never in monogamous relationships. Most of these women hold themselves with high regards. This type of woman usually has had an sexually transmitted infection from being with multiple men.
Ashley really has a trashbox pussy, yet she thinks she looks good.
by tmac84 March 19, 2016
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