The only YouTube channel that provides beats that fill all your trappy desires and needs. Don't get this word confused with "Trap House"like many do, where people go to deal drugs and prostitute. Or "Trap City", where the majority of that city is involved in drugs and pristitution. Yes you'll probably want to deal drugs after you hear those dank drops, just try to resist mkay. Trap Nation is a word that will be known far and wide as a YouTube channel that doesn't dissopoint.

Remember, Trap Nation is love. Trap nation is life.
Yo did you hear about that sick YouTube channel called Trap Nation, that promotes dank beats daily?
by Dankbeats December 13, 2015
TrapNation is the most dominating faction on MineagePvP.

It is owned by Cheesing
Trap Nation is good, Cloud9 is shit
by TrapNation April 7, 2016
Trap Nation is when a group of 5 or more Trappy people engage in hanging out everyday and become Trappy together. It is not hard to become part of this problem. People who become part of Trap Nation lose touch with their blood family and start only being with the rest of the Nation. If you become part of this problem you will watch your old interests disappear and you become very lame and boring and people who are not part of the Nation will only use people in the Nation for things like Rides,Drugs,Money and places to party. Drugs become the main thing that they care about and also if you become part of this problem you will watch your money and life slip away and you will eventually end up in a trailer.
Hey man did you see So-So became part of Trap Nation
by Freakyfun69 May 14, 2011
music to everyones ears. if you're feeling down, put trap nation fart on in the background and your spirits will soon rise
"ayo bro i'm feeling so down rn"
"ah bro have you tried listening to trap nation fart?"
by pel the destroyer December 25, 2021
October 5th:
A day to appreciate and repost your trap queen!
A girl whom you just wanna cook pies with and drive your matching Lambos. Everybody hating but you just call them fans tho.
Person #1: Yo whos that girl you posted on your story??
Person #2: It's October 5th man, national trap queen day!. That's my trap queen!
by iluvfettywap October 3, 2021
On the day 8/8 we all trap all people named Dorothy inside of anything,Rooms,Basements,Bathrooms, just anything.
,,Hey! let's trap Dorothy somewhere today! it's national trap a Dorothy day!''
by Evanushka August 8, 2022