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Latin-(Trapus Mater)
Any mother who chooses the trap life (sex, drugs, parties, men etc.) over all else, especially her children. This increasingly popular genus is believed to have first been documented in Western MA.
How come Lil Daquan has holes in his shoes?

You know Felicia, she a Trap Mom, her new man needed J's and sack...
by letsjusssbehonest January 20, 2016
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Basically the baddest bitch full of snark with more sass than she can she got ass but she got a butt lemme tell ya! Takes part in trap life activities such as cleaning the house taking care of her crazy kids, baking cookies and saving the fucking word

She's a straight up bad bitch who doesn't take shit

"Wow Amy_trapmomGaiero is the trillest of trap moms."

"The original trap mom Amy Gaiero bakes the best cupcakes and is going to be one legendary milf"

Ain't nothing but quality
Amy takes care of me like my mom. She's sassy AF but bakes, cooks, cleans and doesn't take shit. She's legendary everybody wants a trap mom.
by Alicia_trapDaughter April 28, 2015
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