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Any person who, usually by self proclamation, has a well rounded aptitude towards operating a transmission in which the power of an engine is sent to the wheels of a motor vehicle.

Such a person is typically well versed in the following things.

1. "Blipping" the throttle to match revs with downshifts to stimulate smoother and faster gear changes with maximum power accumulated

2. Dropping or "Dumping" the clutch, engaging the first gear in a motor vehicle, succeeded by depressing the clutch and revving the engine to around 4500-5000rpm, (the maximum power band) and following this, letting the clutch out, resulting in optimal acceleration, or in wheelspin if revs are too high.

Only after becoming the undisputed expert in the activities previously stated, can one be honoured with the title.
Mike: "Hey, did you win that drag race last night"?

JohnL "Yeah, I dumped the clutch and smoked him"

Mike: "Wow, you are a regular Transmissionologist."
by Mezza345 April 07, 2011
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