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An unfortunate development in the world of eye correction, transition lenses are intended as an amazing hybrid between sunglasses and the regular prescription kind. In reality, however, they are a gross bastardization of all things acceptable in the world of mainstream eyecare.

Alas, transitions never quite make it to either side of the glasses-sunglasses fence. Instead, they stay perpetually in an awkward shade of dark purple, keeping the wearer "in the dark" in more ways than one. In other words, when you look like a freakazoid insect, it tends to make the whole social skills thing a little harder.

It is generally accepted that the transition lense-wearing population is self-selecting. In other words, only those who like or don't mind looking like skeletor will choose to purchase the atrocities. However, it is believed by some that the lenses are in fact recommended TO weird people specifically by optometrists, perhaps as a public service to help others easily identify the undesirables.

If you or someone you know wears transition lenses regularly, it is advised that you quit immediately. Former wearers show higher success rates in life than current wearers, though it is best to have never worn transition lenses.
That guy wearing transition lenses is too busy being excited about never having to change his pairs to realize that he will never get laid.
by Sugoisama July 22, 2010
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