A nickname Transformers fans use for each other, coming from "Transformers Fan". It is somewhat a term of endearment. Female Transfans seem obsessed with Starscream.

Not to be confused with Wikipedia's definition.
"Yeah, I collect the action figures, I've been a transfan for years."

"There's this other transfan I know on Seibertron.net who loves Astrotrain too! SQUEE!!"
by Allisae March 15, 2009
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A sexual approfrence, someone who is sexually attracted to transversites, cross-dressers, or shemales
Your dad is a transfan I saw him tossing over some shemale porn
by Doi-Kun March 8, 2011
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A person who is either supportive of the transgender community or is attracted to transgendered women. transgendered, transgender, transexual, LGBT, gay, bisexual, lesbian, bathroom, restroom, ladyboy
I tried to introduce my friend to some hot ladies, but I found out he frequents gay clubs and likes transgendered women. Wait Buck, you mean he's a transfan? Yup!
by joecoolthefool May 14, 2016
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