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The state of want to belong to another culture besides your own. For example, you may have dark complexion and distant African roots but, you and your family have lived in Canada for the past 100 years. Not associated with Race.
Hey, can you please not call me a Mexican? My parents and I have lived in Germany our entire lives; I am Transethnic. Just because my last name is of Hispanic origin and I have tan skin, does not make me different from you. Stop being prejudice.
by Mr1Gonzalez January 05, 2017
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A person who feels that they should be from a different ethnicity, meant in a similar way to transexual.

Generally used by white people to exoticify and assume entitlement of a culture that is not theirs. Kinda racist.
White Girl: Hey look at me being all kawaii and eating sushi, I love Japanese people, I'm totally transethnic because I think I should be Japanese

Non-racist person: Uhm...that's objectifying and wrong, stop it please. Just stop. No.
by Fen_94 December 28, 2012
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