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Utterly abysmal. Some one for whom no more hope exists. Simply a bad time, someone who can only get with ugly girls and get hammered after one beer.
Oh ya see john over there? He had one beer and is already hookin up with that chick with one arm. Simply tragik.

This party is tragic. Who ends a party at 9:30?
by tommytushman December 10, 2016
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fuckhead who thinks he/she knows about the westcoast but doesnt know shit cause he/she is too busy dick ridin the dirty south, also seems to be a computer nerd
Tragik: Suge knight killed tupac, HoT BoYz n No LiMiT rUlz!!!
Anyone with half a brain: shut the fuck up idiot
by ihatetragik February 24, 2004
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adj.: Southern gay slang for very, very tacky. Also frequently used to desribe unfortunate sexual escapades.
Oooh, girl, did you see how tight that bitch's pants were? TRAGIK!!

He hooked up with some tragik boy from Bastrop.
by Velireon March 31, 2006
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