(Pronounced: tragedy)

When parents overcomplicate the spellings of names in order for their child’s name to sound ✨u n I q U E✨. That’s a tragedeigh. These aren’t to be mistaken for names from other languages, though. Some examples include Londynn (London), Crimzynn (Crimson), Ashleigh (Ashley), and Myrrandah (Miranda). Other times, the names are completely unrecognizable, like Klansmyn, Sausage, and Glhynnyl.
Student 1: My name is Wednesdeigh.
Student 2, under their breath: That’s a real tragedeigh right there.
by cntoesussie June 23, 2023
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A deliberate misspelling of a baby's name in an effort to be cool and different.
Seriously that name, as it was spelled before, was a tragedeigh
by mckennedeigh February 14, 2021
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