A social science term that describes narrow repressive type of ideas about the male gender role, that defines masculinity as exaggerated masculine traits like being violent, unemotional, sexually aggressive, and so forth. Also suggests that men who act too emotional or maybe aren’t violent enough or don’t do all of the things that “real men” do, can get their “man card” taken away.

Many people confuse the difference between Masculinity and toxic Masculinity. However, one can be masculine without having toxic Masculinity.

Some beliefs of toxic masculinity is that:

-interactions between men and women always has to be competitive and not cooperative.

-men can never truly understand women and that men and women can never just be friends.

-That REAL men need to be strong and that showing emotion is a sign of weakness... unless it’s anger, that is considered okay.

-The idea that men can never be victims of abuse and talking about it is shameful.

-The idea that REAL men always want sex and are ready for it at any time.

-The idea that violence is the answer to everything and that REAL men solve their problems through violence.

-The idea that men could never be single parents and that men shouldn’t be very interactive in their children’s learning and development and that men should always be the dominant one in the relationship or else he’s a “Cuck.”

-The idea that any interest in a range of things that are strictly considered feminine would be an emasculation of a guy.
Guy: A Real Man doesn’t stay home and take care of his kids while his wife works. You’re a cuck.

Other guy: I don’t need your toxic Masculinity and preconceived notions of what it means to be a “real mean.”
by SparklyNinja November 13, 2017
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Originally referred to men who were toxic and used their biological superiority to advantage in everything. Now the term is overused by cringy "woke" community and modern feminists, as a weapon, to fight anything rational/logical or to fight hurtful truth said about certain types of women etc etc. It's basically a bunch of nonsense now. Toxic masculinity now refers to any kind of masculinity. It's hate speech against men and an attempt to convert real men into.. something in the middle or just soft male feminists. Don't be fooled, pay attention when somebody blames toxic masculinity for something and if it's really toxic or if it's just.. the nature of men since the beginning of earth.
Old meaning: This dude had to slap everybody in the room just to prove a point. UGH that's that toxic masculinity!

New meaning: Wow, he don't like wearing dresses... toxic masculinity makes everybody think a man wearing a dress is something to be ashamed of. We need to cancel him. *lonely fangirls in comments* period! queen! Oh my oh my god she's so woke and beautiful!
by MaleListener September 19, 2022
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A plan devised by women to get men to be simps
The picture of my booty on Instagram is about body positivity and your Toxic Masculinity is making you jealous.
by White Knights Unite November 19, 2020
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A term used to demonise men in order to push a political goal
Woman1: Sound like toxic masculinity to me
Woman2: Shut the fuck up Karen
by TheDiamondChocolateBar April 18, 2019
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Just a man being a man, the word Toxic was added by feminists in order to shame men, and be the ones to take control over the men.
Feminists usually don't call Criminals as Criminals. No, they just use this term instead and blame all the men who can't control.

The main concept is just to turn men into Beta Simps, and be a woman's puppy.

Unfortunately, they succeed into achieving this, and most men now are just weak, and their wifes treat them like a shit, which they can't do anything about it because the whole system is just glorifying women and is on their side, no matter what.

In todays world there is about 10% of men left who are Masculine (or what they call Toxic Masculine) and being themselves and not causing harm to anyone, but they are being targeted by feminists in order to kill masculinity and take the charge.
Simp: I'll pay for her, I'll treat her like a queen and make her happy, so this way she will love me and be with me. (Gets used)
A man with toxic masculinity: *he doesn't give a damn about women, but still they chase him*
by Tommydella October 7, 2021
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When someone uses the fact that they are a man and/or their “masculinity” as justification to put someone else down.
Stop crying and be a man” - an example of toxic masculinity
by Basic Knowledge Explained February 21, 2021
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An abstract concept that is probably useful for understanding some extreme male behaviors yet is often trundled out and weaponized when someone simply disagrees with somebody else.
Suzie : "I think we should name our boy Shandina."

Bill : "Oh, I prefer Kenneth... Maybe we can compromise?"

Suzie: "TOXIC MASCULINITYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Get me a divorce lawyer NOW!"
by Hevie Iron Bull January 27, 2019
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