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the term used to describe being involved in a sexual act with two extremely ugly people
The very reluctant female recieved the Tower of Terror from shrek and the big-nostrilled guy.
by thewitness February 24, 2007
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That thrill ride at Disney World, based off of The Twilight Zone.
It climbs you up slowly at first, you see ghosts, which turn to lightning, you see a window break.
Then you go accross a track, then the excitement begins
You get lifted fast, then dropped fast alot of times, before you go slowly to the bottom, then you rush straight to the top and drop down all the way, until it stops and slows you down, then you get off.
Person 1: Lets ride Tower of Terror
Person 2: Ok.
(about 30 minutes later)
Cast member: Stick your arms up!
People: *Sticks arms up*
Everyone else: Ooh (after seeing ghosts)
(then the ride ends)
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by Mr. Quagglecheck December 28, 2017
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