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The act of bombarding an unexpected crowd by interrupting their playlist, usually executed by way of jukebox or DJ/cover band request, with all things Toto. Most common and popular method is Africa although other greats such as Rosanna and Hold the Line are also acceptable methods of said bombing. The end result is a room full of confused yet delighted faces, each one slightly embarrassed to admit that they admire and appreciate the timeless classic as it intoxicates the room with its harmonious and cryptic love messages, subconsciously forcing all to sing along once the chorus drops. Originally started as a bar drinking game notoriously called “Bum Out the Bar” which consisted of paying extra money to bump others songs with less desirable tunes from a forgotten era, other variations which included “Wham! I Just Ruined Your Playlist”, the “New Kids on the Block All Your Songs”, and the infamous Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On And On And On And On And On And On”....basically just that song on repeat. The Totobomb has been used in bars and restaurants across the country and continues to keep patrons emotionally attached to one of the greatest ballads of our time while still keeping it alive.
Man, I was at the bar last night and someone Totobombed my playlist. I forgot how good Africa is.
by Tommy Helltender November 23, 2017
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