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1. That immense explosion of unwanted excrement that shreds your ass to the next dimension.

2. The act of familiarizing oneself with every conceivable technique for avoiding unwanted excrement in the trousers.

3. People that are accused of avoiding daily cleansing on a regular basis, whether it be true or not.
1. Jim: "How are you doing after that total filth?"
Bob: "Not good, my organs keep trying to spill through it."
Jim: "Can't you go to a doctor?"
Bob: "No, My ass is ratchet."

3. Bob: "Hey guys, I found a deal that will get you Bioshock 1, 2, and infinite for $15"
Andy: "Ew. You're total filth, get outta here."
by TotalFilth November 26, 2013
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