1. (v) To be screwed over, to be taken advantaged of.
2. (noun) large feces
1. I just got toscanoed by that guy.
2. My dog just had a large Toscano
by KevDang November 20, 2011
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A strapping young man destined to take over the world. A hybrid mastermind of stealth with an unmatchable level of intelligence.
I looked into the distance and saw Geno Toscano, I turned my head for a second and looked back and he was gone.
by Tim April 19, 2005
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Bull Shit.

A widely UNknown italian clothing company. Makes sweaters that can but never should be pawned off as real designer clothing. Usually worn by insolvent herbs.
"Hey man! Check out this cool new Toscano sweater I have!! Don't you think that's cool?"
by ET3 the Boss May 20, 2009
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A giant, pushy, stuffy woman, typically with an abnormally large ass, cotton pants, and a pushy attitude, who consumes (at times in mass quantities) the "Toscano" sandwich from the local Italian deli (which contains provolone cheese and spicy Italian sausage).
One can only assume that they also have a large turning radius, hence the "giant".
"That Giant Toscano Eating Bitch is back again!!"


"Most home ec teachers seem to look like Giant Toscano Eating Bitches."
by Jenburger December 8, 2007
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