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Vile convicted serial sexual abuser of young boys and founder of "Celtic Boys Club" in the early 70's.

Now known as "Celtic Football Club" they are otherwise known as "bheasts" or the "manky mob" as well as other phrases derived from men committing sexual acts to boys far below the legal age.

This is one history that need only take a quick search on any engine to uncover, however these "bheasts" will NOT to this day admit any of these wrong doing and the phrase "sweep sweep" was coined to describe the "bheasts" attitude to cover up anything they feel "offended" by or don't want the world to find the truth and to this day NOT give proper justice to the victims of these terrible he-anus crimes.

A popular phrase associated with the crimes is "big jock knew" describing how the manager of "Celtic Football Club" at the time of the abuse named "Jock Stein" knew all about these acts yet chose to cover up these he-anus crimes instead of reporting these crimes to the proper authorities and letting there be justice for the poor "vicTIMs" or "bhoys".
Jim Torbet: moan back tae my flat for sum "Jelly & Ice Cream" ya sexy arse wee TIM an al give ye a good meal.

A brief history or timeline:

1966: Celtic Boys’ Club is founded by Jim Torbett
1972: Jock Stein ousts Jim Torbett as Boys’ Club general manager after allegations that boys were being sexually abused.
1986: Jim Torbett’s return to Celtic Boys Club as a fundraiser Kevin Kelly is vice-chairman
1991: Frank Cairney resigns as general manager following a trip to New Jersey where a young Celt was allegedly abused.
October 25, 1996: Jim Torbett charged with sex offences.
November 4, 1998: Torbett stands trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court charged with molesting three youngsters in his care.
November 12, 1998: Torbett is found guilty.
by Alan Brazilian Job October 22, 2013
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