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a generic term for a sexy pseudo-Aussie bard who charms strange characters and makes them do his bidding (which he got on high from the Grand High Kangaroo). His singing has a nice lilting quality due to the copious amounts of Foster's beer he consumes.
I'll give you something Toran-ical, when I sing down by the gully...ayy yippie, alroity then!

Typical bit of convo with a Toran:

Toran tells you, 'I totally should trans my ephod for this crap'
You tell Toran, 'indeed...need trans help?'
Toran tells you, 'shake.. I'd have to recharm'
You tell Toran, 'you're charming though!'
Toran tells you, 'laf'
You tell Toran, 'hehe'
by Uncle Hannah April 20, 2006
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