1. An expensive high street shop where Kate Moss has her own stupid fashion range

2. A scene shop for Emo's to shop when they go through their 'i love pretty flowers, hello kitty and ice cream' stage and when they want to be more 'different' than they already claim to be. Aside from that topshop sell some very pretty clothes for 'Normal' people who genuinely are interested in fashion.
1. 'Wanna go to Topshop today?'

'FUCK no, i don't wanna spend ££'s on stupid wemo clothes designed by Kate Moss!'

2. 'I love topshop'


'They sell pretty flowery things which i could wear and pass off for being my own unique style'

'Fuck off, wemo'
by FloraJane May 25, 2009
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The worst shop on the high street.
you get dirty looks for even walking past. ridiculously expensive and their clothes are actually very very poor quality.
"OMG I LOVE TOPSHOP..." - "Ha, okay..."
by pandoraMANNEQUIN July 27, 2007
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Getting superior head from a fashion-forward bitch
Jose: Yo Pip what happened with that victoria secret model?
Pip: She wasnt down to fuck but she give me topshop
by super master splinter September 07, 2013
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