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The evolved form of chav. When Sienna Miller became 'the height' of English fashion, high street stores like TopShop were thrown into the limelight. Enter, the topshop chav. They're the same scum as before, they just look slightly better, although they're still all identical to each other.

When Kate Moss' line for topshop comes out next year, the fashion world will cringe - we know there'll be a long line of 'chuddy' chewing, sweaty, identical topshop chavs queuing up at 4am to look just like her.
My Zoe is a topshop chav, whenever I go shopping I say to myself.. "Would Zoe wear it?" and then replace it promptly on the shelf if the answer is anywhere near yes.

"I just saw 17 topshop chavs walking down the street, all identically dressed."

Katherine - "I shop at Topshop, I'm not a topshop chav!"
Me - "yes, but, you don't buy then entire store (or try and buy the entire store from cheaper shops like Poundsavers) and wear the clothes exactly like the bloody mannequins.
Katherine - "Ah, I am now enlightened."
by shewasaninjagirl October 09, 2006

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