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A State in Washington were only three races exist- Mexican, Native, and Whites (Mostly Mexicans). A beautiful town until you get in the hood. You Have a higher chance to have a random native to get in your car than to get shot. At night don't worry about getting shot because the police is always on patrol. Just Kidding, always stay indoors and avoid talking to Alan and Eduardo. And think twice about going for a walk in red. Other than that, Toppenish is alright.
Person 1: Let's go to Toppenish!
Person 2: Alright!
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by Sid12 May 26, 2018
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a small some what ghetto town in the state of Washington. Where its nice waking up to pissed natives on our sidewalks.

where the only true cholo is my G-ma with a broom stick..where its normal for Tweeked out people to get in your car the moment you park and the place that gets the most action all day is our local Toppenish SAFEWAY! its either ur co-workers mouths running or a fat lady running after the guy doing a beer run LMBO!
ex 1.

co-worker 1: omg sis u see what she wore last night to the partaaaay

co-worker 2: yup what was she thinking!

co-worker 3 aka BIG POPPA: DAMN that Shortay looked bomb last night why u all hattin

ex. 2

beer runner: (running)
fat lady: drop it!!!!!! drop it now!

(running) comes in (catching her breath) we just got robed
by lina26 March 20, 2011
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