A badass hat that all the cool motherfuckas wear.
FRED: Look at that sick motherfucka. Hes wearing a Top Hat

DERF: Man. I wish I had that hat.
by The Original FRED October 17, 2011
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verb. a literal or figurative covering up of something bad or shameful as if nothing ever happened. To conceal something in hopes that it will go away on its own. To hide from public view and scrutiny.
The BP Oil and Haliburton executives have decided to Top Hat the 200,000 gallon per day oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.
by Theryl McCoy y May 27, 2010
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Jenny was very shy so she asked the health department nurse for a supply of top hats.
by Julianne1984 December 6, 2008
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When one places his scrotum on the top of someone's head, while they are passed out or in a deep sleep.
Nick totally top hatted that boy from st. johns last night.
by Selby Straits November 9, 2010
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The process of pushing flat the tip of an unlit cannabis cigarette or 'joint' so that the edges may be burned away and the twisted tip pulled clear to allow an easy light.
"Let me just top hat this and then you can spark it."
by junglejungle January 19, 2009
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A tattoo above thy man's junk, AKA a pubis hat.
*two guys fucking*

Guy 1: hey bro nice top hat!
Guy 2: thanks, I tip my hat to you sir
by Kuzko's Poison March 5, 2022
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a hat worn mostly in older times, rarely seen today
"Some fag in the mall I saw today was wearing a top hat"
by Itchi July 11, 2008
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