Referring to a videogame that comes out every year with a new installment but is more of the same and not much has changed or has improved. Starting with Tony Hawk games, Activison kept pumping out every year and nothing changed and the quality of the game went down. And such is the fate of other games that follow this trend.
Jim: "So Tom, are you going to get the new Call of Duty game?"

Tom: "No, I don't think so, that franchise is suffering from Tony Hawk Syndrome because it is more of the same, only difference is the story and setting."
by MegaCereal October 27, 2010
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An acute testicular medical condition where one's balls twists 900 degrees inside the nutsack.
My friend Danny is in the hospital, He suffers from Tony Hawk Syndrome.

Oh shit, he has the Tony Hawk's?
by Boris Rachmamnin Lagusnikov September 11, 2021
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