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Bromp's def. is defo on the right track – the Turd Way is indeed The Tony Blair Legacy. He rightly defines this grinning politician in designer clothing with a designer turd clogging the works. But may I suggest that he worked the word Turd to a greater effect, by associating it with Blair's election ticket in 1997 as the harbinger of the Third Way: i.e a typical power-mad politico, who wants to be all things to all men left/right/black/white & centre, who will do literally anything to get elected, even changing religion probably at the instigation of his mad grinning ugly wife in order to be electable as Pres. of the new EU vatican. The Tony Blair Legacy is like The Turd Way.
Bert - “What d'you think of this Barak Obama's chances then – he promises a lot, don't he?”

Sid - “Dunno, Bert, but he might just be part of The Tony Blair Legacy ..”
by humf May 14, 2008
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