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Someone who can stiffen their tongue enough to bury it at least three inches into someone’s anus. Can b of either sex or orientation but reported to be most common amongst millennial males who change under a towel tent but stare at naked boomers at the gym. Often accompanied by top button of golf shirt buttoned.
They had a clip on pornhub that was gross, some freak buried his tongue into an old cops ass. He was a tongueplunger.
by Davedale August 24, 2019
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some body who can't drink properly and for some reason plunges their tongue in the neck of the bottle which is especially nasty when the bottle is transparent.
yo dog look at that dick over there he be havin no clue how to drink he's a total "tongue plunger".
by the blood of their eyes August 16, 2016
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Someone who , OCD style , compulsively and sometimes violently plunges their tongue deep into people’s anuses. They frequently are normal in appearance other that the hyper, jittery demeanor of just someone w ADD/ OCD. But don’t let their conservative threads throw you, they are hyper because they are fantasizing on doing their dirty deed, and when they loose control stick their tongue out (inappropriately ) at dinner parties , et al. Caveat : proceed w caution f you have a large , hairy white butt.
My friend dated this this tongueplunger she was hot but he spent a fortune on proctologist’s bills.
by Davedale August 13, 2019
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