A Tone Troll is a form of internet troll focusing on the tone of arguments. A Tone Troll will typically express great consternation and offense at the style of an argument, as a way of distracting from the actual content.

This is done deliberately as a way to derail arguments; the Tone Troll prefers to muddy the issue by changing the subject diverts attention away from the merit of the argument itself and unto the specific words being used to advance it.
Commenter: I think killing people because they're gay is wrong, goddammit.

Tone Troll: How dare you use a dirty word like that! Have you no shame? I demand an apology.

Commenter: Don't you think the fact that people are being killed is slightly more important than whether I said a naughty word?

Tone Troll: Why should I listen to anything you say when you're using such filthy language?

Commenter: Okay, sorry, but what about my argument?

Tone Troll: I'm entirely too upset to continue this discussion. I think you should be more careful what you say in the future.
by LykeX September 27, 2014
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A tone troll is an internet troll that will effectively disrupt an internet discussion, because they feel that some of the participants are being too harsh, condescending, or use foul language. They often complain loudly and target specific subjects, even though they may actually agree with their subjects's point of view.

Tone trolls often emerge in the comments sections of the Pharyngula blog by Prof. PZ Myers.
Looks like it’s tone troll day… Must be the new year.
by Amphioxys January 10, 2012
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