The Toller is a red, fluffy and cute retrieving machine, but don't get caught on the word 'cute' - because it can be sly and disobedient too. It walks on four legs, has a reddish fur and often some white parts on the feet, chest, tail and head.
It was first found in Nova Scotia, Canada and then spread from there.
The Toller is often hyper energetic, suspicious and easily trained - if you manage to tame it, that is. It's not always easy to tame the reddish retrieving machine, 'cause of their stubborn behavior, but some people actually manage to tame them. If you do tame a Toller, you'll have a friend for life. If you don't manage to tame the Toller... well, let's just hope you do manage to tame it!
- What kind of pet do you have?
- A Toller
- Yeah... I wish you good luck with life!
by tollerTamer March 9, 2011
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a person who makes random comments, to random people. if you're a toller, you toll a lot of things.
when you toll, you make a mistake.

toll also means to cum, or to orgasm.
"ahaha you're SUCH a toller."

"ugh, i just tolled everywhere."

"watch where you step, i tolled on the floor."
by nancin April 16, 2009
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Passing up an epic time in the exchange for a nap
guy 1 says:"hey guys, have you seeing Jim anywhere?"

guy 2 replies: "ya man, he's pulling a Luke Toller"
by TheSpaniel December 12, 2010
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Someone who is supportive of every ideology, race, and sex.
Micheal: "Did you know that Emma over there is a Tollerate?"
Johnathan: "Oh, she is? I can't believe it!"
by supero78 January 23, 2022
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