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Word to describe males who have no control over their nether region's bodily gasses, often 'letting rip' with no shame, in a social situation.

The odours which follow said emissions tend to be strong and distinctive - as if an animal had crawled into the perpetrator's back passage and died. Anyone within 20 yards of these outbursts may experience feelings of revulsion, sickness and/or choking, and a desire to flee the powerful stench.

Companions of the wrongdoer tend to feel shame, disappointment and sadness after such acts, and (depending on the level of toxicity) often anger and betrayal. They may feel strong urges to beat or chastise the villain, unless they are another Tolgyesi, in which case the general response is a knowing chuckle, accompanied by a pat on the back and a word of encouragement- i.e. 'nice one'.

Usually no warning preceeds these unfavourable activities, and persons present can be taken by surprise, sometimes by the accompanying sound, but more often by the pong that follows. It is usually evident who the criminal of the piece is though, by the offender's rather smug visage.

There are however - some Tolgyesis who delight in proferring a finger to be pulled before such noisomeness, perhaps because this behaviour is generally found to be amusing. The digit puller soon realises, to their horror, that when in the presence of this miscreant, the general rules do not apply, and that under no circumstances should they be encouraged.
For the love of God - don't invite a Tolgyesi to the Christening, not unless you want fainting vicars, and baby vomit in the font
by TolgB2B December 02, 2013
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