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1. Observant, analytical and intuitive. Can read minds and look into the future.
2. Wise and full of knowledge and understanding. If speaking, take heed.
3. Full of high-lair-it-T

4. Known for having high butts.
5. Kind and bodacious! If found, don't let go.
When imparted with supreme knowledge, you've just been Toland'd.
by Banyanyas September 09, 2009
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1. Commonly known as toe lint, it is a word used to describe lazy people who are obsessed with video games.

2. A person that doesn't shave.

3. A person with a crusty mustache who takes really long dumps and thinks believes he/she can eat a million guavas.

4. A person that just wants to have fun.

5. A person who wields a lamberge.

6. A person that hates to take showers.

7. Someone who gets his shirts ridiculously dirty.

8. Someone who slouches too much.

9. Someone who has 50 different types of serves in tennis.

10. A person who thinks he/she should be a dragon rider.

11. A person who takes revenge times thirty on you.


Ohhh Toland just wants to have fu-un.

Eww... you have so much toe lint.

That's disgusting Toland.

Tolande ni yao jing chang xi zao, ra bu ran ni de toe fa hui you tai duo you

toe lint Toland
by Grandma Joe's April 28, 2009
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