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1. Someone who intentially jams their toes to attract the opposite sex.

2. A weirdo who likes to put their toes in the top of a milk jug so no milk comes out. Often causing a riot during breakfast hours.

3. Someone who likes to rub grape jam on their toes and stick two slices of bread on top to make a sandwich.
2. Guy 1: I Want some fucking milk
Guy 2: You can't cuz Brad has his toes blocking the milk flow.
Guy 1: Damn, Brad is such a Toe Jammer.
by Randy Gilbert April 15, 2009
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The act of jamming ones toe into a femals vagina.
Philip: " hoe dont wanna get on ma kawk tonight. what should I do?"
Josh: "dude...just do the toe jammer! She will love it and there is no protection involved."
Philip: "she said she would go for it! she aint gonna get no babies dat way!"
by Custhburgh September 18, 2008
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