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Penile decoration of a submissive female often performed by very well endowed dominant male 'studs' in porn films after first copiously ejaculating over said female's slutty face. Done usually to allow a souvenir photo to be taken for both parties and sometimes display on the DVD boxcover. The now soft but still huge 'todger' of the standing stud is triumphantly curved over the forehead of the kneeling cum-splattered slut to form a fetching 'tiarra': a fitting crown for any wannabe porn princess! The stud gains satisfaction from displaying his prowess and sexual power, the lucky slut gets to show off to her friends and family that she's been used by a much sought-after well hung 'trophy' stud. The Todge Tiarra is THE latest penile headgear choice of any ambitious slut who wants to show off her sexual appeal and willingness to be sexually used and degraded for the sole pleasure of oversexed dominant hung males.

Now catching on in the wider world as many guys after fucking fine hos want to keep a handy record of their latest conquest: simply capture the Todge Tiarra (TT) in all its glory by taking a cellphone camera snap after gleefully shooting your load! Collecting TT pics is the new 'in'sport of the modern hung stud!
Yo Dawg, we damn near cut this hot white skank in half! DPing this dirty bitch was the bomb! Now lets glaze her dumbass cute teenage mug like a fuckin' donut and give her a wicked Todge Tiarra to show our homies what a fine piece of fine blond ho we scored tonite! Get yer cell readyfor the TT, Dawg, I'm gonna blow my swollen nuts so nasty, gonna force this skank's eyeballs into the back of her bimbo skull!
by Purplemushroom April 09, 2008
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