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The sickest hamster ever known to man-kind.

Originally given the name Martin by a couple of damn ass foos, Toby (Tobz) got his name from his present owner who wasn't under the influence of drugs or alchohol while picking out a name for him.

He spends his days sleeping, walking around in his cage, and constantly showing off his swagger.

Tobz is known across the globe and many tourists from all over the world come to see just how sick he is. Last year Tobz had an average of 35,000 people come to see him a week.
"What'd you do this weekend?"
"I won the lottery, and I won a brand new Ferrari. You?"
"I saw Tobz."
"STFU!!! I'm so damn jealous!!!"
by Mike2025 January 06, 2010
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the actual way to spell the orange ones name.. according to moi. tobz rules all.
we love tobz
by stef! June 21, 2004
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