toastmaster is a form of:

toast·mas·ter Noun /ˈtōs(t)ˌmastər/
toastmasters plural

An official responsible for proposing toasts, introducing speakers, and making other formal announcements at a large social event

Web definitions

Toastmasters International (TI) is a nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking and leadership skills. ...

toastmaster - the person who proposes toasts and introduces speakers at a banquet

Toastmaster is a general term, prevalent in the United States in the middle 20th century, referring to a person in charge of the proceedings of a public speaking event. ...

Toastmaster started out in 1921 as the name of one of the world's first automatic electric toasters for home use, the . Since then the Toastmaster brand has been used on a wide range of small kitchen appliances , such as coffee makers, waffle irons, toasters, and blenders.

toastmaster - A member designated to act as the meeting host, introducing the different segments and participants in the evening's program.
Hi is a best toastmaster.
Toastmaster is in my kitchen.
by sokratbg March 28, 2011
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An individual who is designated as being in charge if giving toasts and welcome speeches. Typically a member of a club or organization.
Roy Rodgers used to be the club secretary but has since taken over as toastmaster, due to his skill in oration
by LeDpux October 19, 2021
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A non-profit organization developing public speaking and leadership skills through practice and feedback in local clubs since 1924.

This has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with an international legion of superheroes that control toast in any of its forms.
Girl that runs up waving a Toastmasters International pen: "Toastmasters... International. Wait for it, it'll all make sense. They're a team of superhumans that control TOAST! Isn't that AWESOME?"

You: "No. It won't. That's not what they are."
by KowwsRule April 4, 2011
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