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A group of mid thirties aged men and women who drive Honda Elements. Most members of this group have, or have had, child booster seats in the back.

This mafia is generally not dangerous, but is predisposed to swearing and giving time outs.

Still considered cool by youth standards. People who join are most often employed professionally, but have extracurricular activities in rock bands, fashion, local farming, and travel. The age of members is not easily recognized, as the hip demeanor off sets the appearance of under eye circles and presence of children.

The attempt of asking these individuals about their vehicle could cause you to become drawn into a long conversation about the "interesting features" of the Honda Element. Make sure you are prepared to listen, if you must inquire.

Many of these mafia members will go as far as licensing their vehicles with vanity plates with cute "toaster puns".

Extra caution should be taken.
I saw her orange Element the other day. She's one of the Toaster Mafia. Did you notice the matching license plate?
by wingmom September 21, 2010
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The name for a group of Lesbians dedicated to recruiting hot straight women to the "dark side"... otherwise known as the gay community.
Bro #1: Dude, I can't believe you let your chick hang out with those women. Don't you know who they are?
Bro #2: No dude, what's up?
Bro #1: They're the TOASTER MAFIA! One of them will totally seduce your girl and then she'll never sleep with men again!!!
Bro #2: Damn....
by Shae24 January 24, 2008
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A mafia that's sol purpose is to take all the toasters in the world and use them to create the HILERBOT 5000
"Oh no! The Toaser Mafia stole our toasters and are eating our children!"
by Tim Allen September 12, 2003
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