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A phrase commonly used in marching bands to describe a person with the following traits. Popularized by the infamous Johnathan Shire.

1. To suddenly appear, as if by teleportation
2. The art of building carts of various sizes and functions
3. To fix a saxophone with a blowtorch
4. The ability to "Sparkle" or own various striped shirts.
5. To chase a butterfly
1. "I was just walking the other day, and he pulled a Shire and popped up beside me."

2. "He pulled a Shire with that new monstrosity for the generator"

3. "David's sax broke, but luckily somebody pulled a Shire."

4. "The flutes weren't marching very well, so a few of the instructors pulled Shires."

5. "He's a bit ADHD, he's been known to pull a Shire one time."
by Flute 6 September 02, 2009
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To suddenly pop up and then dissapear without warning. Generally used in marching bands. Made popular by Jonathan Shire
*Someone who was standing behind you walks away without your knowing*
You: He just learned to pull a shire.
by ICaughtAFish July 26, 2009
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