A annoying ass person who's a toucan and tries to act cool but really Toucan sam is a dumbass
Haha its Toucan Sam!! Errrrrrr
by Ava_star September 5, 2019
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When in the presence of several bitches you point to one and says I WANT YOU.
Price: yo these bitches are almost here.
Me: yea man its gonna be great!
(Bitches arrive)
Price: (points at the blonde) I WANT YOU!!
Me: you just got uncle sammed.
by pancakes and bacon March 16, 2016
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Some edible, pureed substance is filled within a syringe.
Syringe is inserted within opening of female's urethra. Pureed substance is pumped within the hole, allowed entrance within bladder. Participants gather about female's widespread vagina, cups brandished against the oncoming rain. Female relinquishes hold on bladder. Plates are filled. Participants consume their beverages.
"Oh, son, I did not think you would come to find us in this position." - sexually engaged father.
"Oh my. Look away son, I can not restrain this puree much longer." - sexually engaged mother.
"Parents. Is this, is this Uncle Sam's Fine Ocean Spray?" - intruding son.
"It sure is, son. It sure is." - sexually engaged father.
by Uncle_Bool October 8, 2013
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The gender neutral equivalent to yes sir or yes ma’am
In response to a command,
Yes sam, right away sam”
by Gustavenw May 26, 2022
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When you're fucking a girl on her period, or a guy with hemorrhoids, and you pull your dick out and draw a mustache on their face.
Yo dawg, I fucked Briana last night on her period and had to give her the Yosemite Sam
by Allvalleychamp January 14, 2022
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An over the pants handjob in which the recipient is wearing tight jeans. Referring to the Warner Brothers cartoon character Yosemite Sam who is always depicted wearing tight pants.
Person 1: How far did you and your girl go?

Person 2: Bro, she gave me a Yosemite Sam Job.

Person 1: Woah, that's almost the real thing.
by Bernie Sanders OG February 13, 2016
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