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An egyptain who built great buildings. A beautiful goddess with men at the fall of her feet. Also said that she is a vampire who lurks the night and kills on full moons. Luring men with her dashing beauty, she becomes stronger with every bite. A trustworthy person. A strickingly sexy women whos name reaches even to the heavans and they hang themselves in awe. A death angel from hell. Epic. Sexy. Hypnotic. Original. Death. Wings. Love. Lovely. Loves animals.

Wombat batman superman.

A genuinly loving and caring person. They always put others before themselves. Usually a hopeless romantic. Cant ever really seem to fit in with a crowd, in return lurks in their own dark corner alone. Loner. Someone who hides their sadness behind laughter and smiles. Someone who will never lie or hurt you and will always be there for you. Very funny person. Misunderstood. Sometimes the outcast. Awkward. Someone who is easily made fun of.

The Devils number one pupil

Different from others

Black, white, hot pink

The nerdy geek

Sexy beast

Goddess of sex and wars (sex wars?)



Traggic ending

Never ending lust for power

The eyes of evil


Has strong attraction (attractive person)
sexy, epic, love, death, angel, Tiye, Beautiful, lust, attraction, evil, Devil, Goddess
by T.A.G.<3Amira January 03, 2012
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