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Titbait is online content that uses sensationalized headlines and text descriptions and pictures of tempting tits to tempt a person into clicking to view the original web article at the source publication. Titbait like "Clickbait" tends to spread quickly through social media and sharing sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Each click and view of the tit article typically generates advertisement-based revenue for the publication.
I love looking at pix of the kardasians it is real titbait.
by Argus Tuft 2 June 07, 2018
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When a girl takes raunchy pics and makes it her youtube profile photo so she can get subs.
Peter: Bro did you see The Goat Presents latest video?
Cleveland: Yeah, there was so much titbait in the comments?

Peter: I ain't complaining tho, if you know what I mean (air thrusts)
by The Goat Presents April 18, 2018
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