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An attractor of male-whores. Likes to go all night with prison-escapees and smoke de crack all day. Will say yes to literally anyone who asks so remember to ask if you ever meet one! She will want to excrete over you but you can say no and she probably won't ask again (or at least in my case). Tina likes to use all different vegetables to masturbate and will even go as far as to use a cactus. Most Tina Wongs will like to stay at your place as their place is usually littered with drugs and other guys who she has slept with for money. She may pickpocket you during sex so make sure you are fully naked. She will often have a sexual disease so beware. In Latin, Tina Wong means 'Stupid-smelly-crazy weird person-stalker-sam lover-whore.
Sam: I gosh Ben, I cant believe Tina Wong didn't tell me she had all sexual diseases known to man and on top of that, she stole all the money in my pants.
Ben: Well it is Tina Wong
by pu$$y destroyer July 12, 2014
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