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Famous former pirate radio broadcaster who now has programs on the shortwave station WBCQ. A Maine native, he coins his own expressions like "zorched" for "electrically shorted, blown out", "Verminmont" for "Vermont", "Clownada" for "Canada", "Howareya" for "Hawaii", among many others. A frequent attendee of the annual Winter SWL (shortwave listener) Fests at the Best Western Towamencin in Kulpsville, Pennsylvania.
Hey, there're Timtron andCaptain Ganja at the Fest!
by pentozali April 02, 2007
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A Timtron is a Amateur ( Ham ) Radio operator that runs junk or modified radio equipment to cause interference to others, mostly to the Single Side Band radio operators. A Timtron mainly runs in the AM mode but has been known to run in SSB now and then, but not very often. A Timtron thinks they make the rules and do not have to follow the FCC rules. A timtron also runs in a very wide band width, way wider than permitted by the FCC. Timtrons do this mostly to cause transmit and receive problems for the Single Side Band users, because they do not like them. Timtrons also have no common courtesy for other Ham operators around them on the band.
Do not be a Timtron by running bad radio equipment, you give Amateur ( Ham ) Radio Operators a bad name and make it hard for others to have fun on the bands.
by Allthehamsthathateyou January 03, 2017
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