Something that takes up a lot of time and produces few or no tangible results. Usually a website.

In general, a waste of time.
(Choose one: Facebook, MLIA, FML) is such a timesink.
by Novarri November 12, 2009
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Anything which takes up a lot of your time. I can be homework, a diy project, a tv show, or even a ridiculously long nap. It can be enjoyable, or even productive, but it requiers sinking a lot of time into it... therefore timesink.
I decided to start baking my own bread... didn't realise it was such a timesink.

Mad Men is great, but it is such a timesink.
by ddude700 January 31, 2011
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An area of the internet where time stops, coincidentally overlapping with the site TV Tropes.

Similar to a wikicoma.
Somebody mentioned this thing called "phlebotinum;" next thing I knew, I was digging myself out of the TV Tropes timesink six hours later.
by yodudebroheim January 6, 2010
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